Circini (sir-sin-e): Latin: The Compasses

Circini works with Fortune 1000 companies, corporate venture groups and international venture funds providing a range of services around enterprise innovation and investing. We assist in developing your innovation and investment strategy – connect you into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and work directly with your teams to meet your innovation and investment objectives.

We are passionate about working with enterprises that are beginning the innovation journey and bringing them the tools, methodologies and access that have created the most successful companies in the world.

The Circini team all are experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and executives We provide our clients with industry expertise, a powerful Silicon Valley and international network and execution capabilities that augment existing innovation, corporate venture or institutional venture capital resources.



Corporate Innovation Programs

We provide a strategic framework, training, access and execution resources for bringing innovation into the enterprise

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Corporate Venture

We work with corporate venture groups, private equity and venture capital funds in providing insight and access into the Silicon Valley investment ecosystem

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